CARE Groups

"Christ's Attitude Reflected in Everyone", are home-based bible study groups that involve between 10-20 individuals in each group. Each CARE Group meets regularly on Friday night for dinner, bible study, and prayer.

Gateway has many CARE Groups located around Melbourne, mostly in the CBD and inner city areas. Outside of Friday night meetings, CARE Groups participate at church and various social activities throughout the week.

Each CARE Group strives to reach out to their demographic to serve them holistically and inspire a meaningful purpose in their life. Naturally, we welcome visitors at CARE Group and invite them to be a part of this exciting movement.

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Language & Culture

Gateway embraces all cultures. To facilitate effective integration and cultural sharing in the wider community, we run short courses on English and Chinese.

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Career Development

Most professionals would spend between 40-60% of their non-sleeping time at work. There is no question that careers feature a large part of our life. Gateway recognises that Career Development is an important topic for most people today and provides vocational training to enhance people's full potential at work. Short courses are largely business based and include Leadership, Communication and Presentation, Financial Modelling, Excel Skills, Project Management, Process Improvement, and Strategic Management.

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Campus Clubs

Gateway offers campus ministry support - to make true friends, have fun and learn about life together. Join our campus clubs called Adventist Students on Campus (ASOC) or ACF Christian Fellowship.

  • Melbourne University: ASOC Club
  • Monash University: ASOC Club
  • Victoria University: ACF Club

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One of the most important decisions in life one has to make is who they will marry or perhaps to be happily single. Notwithstanding this key milestone and turning point, the process leading up to and beyond is also of critical importance. Gateway recognises the importance of the topic of singleness, dating, & marriage and conducts key seminars to meet the community needs in this area.

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Gateway Adventist Centre promotes healthier living so that our minds and bodies are brought into the discipline of Christ. We encourage adequate exercise and rest, and a diet that conforms to Biblical guidelines. We run programs such as healthy cooking, healing foods, stress/time management classes for the community and studies on health principles from the Bible. All our programs are supported by health professionals.

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