• Gateway Adventist Centre

    111 Barry Street
    Carlton 3053

    03 Oct to 26 Dec - FBE-G06, 111 Barry Street, Carlton 3053

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161 Pelham Street, Carlton VIC 3053
5:53 AM
8:22 PM
111 Barry Street
Carlton 3053
Religious Centre, Union Rd, Clayton VIC 3168
ACF Club, Victoria University
Footscray Park, Ballarat Rd
Footscray VIC 3011
31 December 2015

CERTIFICATE IV in Presenting Community Health Education Programs

The course is designed for church members, and others, who are interested in following and presenting a Christian whole-person ministry to their communities in a relevant, credible manner. This training course is an accredited Certificate IV program...

26 November 2016

SAP - Sabbath Afternoon Program

21 Nov - Testimonies (Pelham)

28 Nov - Baptism (East Prahran Church)
05 Dec - Testimonies
12 Dec - Baptism (Seddon Church)
19 Dec - Nature Walk
26 Dec - CG Visitation

03 December 2016

Upcoming Speakers

21 Nov - Johnny Wong

28 Nov - Nat Gee
05 Dec - Peter Bertus
12 Dec - Vikram Panchal
19 Dec - Hizkia Ibrahim

10 December 2016

Last Week Church Offering and Attendance

14th November 2015
Attendance: 85
General Offering: $512.30
World Mission: $10

17 December 2016

Sunday Morning Prayer Meeting

8:30am @ Panchal's resident (Well Street, Southbank)
Also available over Skype
All are welcomed to attend

31 December 2016


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Gateway Adventist Centre (Gateway) is a Seventh-Day Adventist ministry consisting of a training centre and church networking several hundred members and alumni mainly across Asia-Pacific region.

In March 2003, a group of young people launched Gateway at The University of Melbourne. Starting with a small group, Gateway has consistently grown and today we have many attending in three congregations and many more attending various programs and seminars held throughout the week.

Gateway is one church with three congregations. In May 2008, we launched Gateway East based at Monash University (Clayton campus) and in August 2012, we launched Gateway West based at Victoria University (Footscray campus).